Getting the Most From Your Attorney

Getting the Most From Your Attorney

What can you do to get what you need from your attorney? Most importantly, check with your attorney before doing anything you think will help your case in order to be sure that what you’re doing will be beneficial. In custody matters, it is a good idea to keep a calendar or journal. Keeping accurate records helps to keep you organized, and the time your attorney saves on organizing things for you can be better spent working on your case.

Should you bring a friend with me when meeting with your attorney? Generally, this is not a good idea. Conversations with your attorney are protected by attorney client privilege. However, when a third party is present, there is no privilege since the conversation was not private. Always check with your attorney first before bringing someone else into the meeting.

Can your attorney help you to hide assets from your spouse? Generally, no. It is unethical for an attorney to help a client commit fraud. While there are limited situations in which disclosures of certain financials may not be required, in most cases you are required to give a full and fair accounting of your assets. If you are certifying to the court that you have declared all assets, and you are not honest in your certification, you are committing a fraud upon the court. No reputable attorney will knowingly assist you in such a course of action. A good attorney will help you achieve your goals without violating the law.

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