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LaMonaca Law

Media, Pennsylvania

We serve clients in Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Berks, Bucks, and Lancaster Counties in all family law matters.

LaMonaca Law serves the needs of our clients in all types of family law, divorce, custody, support and many other areas of law. Additionally, we have developed relationships with other attorneys who specialize in complimentary services, such as criminal defense, probate, estates, personal injury, contracts and the like.

Call us day or night to put the law on your side.

Trying to handle legal affairs on your own can have disastrous effects. Lost custody battles, a sentence of incarceration, fines or the imposition of other significant financial obligations can lead to long-term suffering for you and your family. At LaMonaca Law, we have extensive knowledge of the law and experience in its practice; we will make every effort to win your case. We keep the best interest of our clients first and foremost, as we work to create a winning strategy and see that a reasonable and fair result is achieved in every part of the court system we enter. Gregory P. LaMonaca and his colleagues have more than 65 years of experience and are wholly trusted, highly trained, and thoroughly effective attorneys.

Do not try to solve legal problems on your own! Call LaMonaca Law from anywhere near Media, PA, throughout the State, and beyond.


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