Representing yourself in any court proceeding is a risky proposition. When it comes to an appeal of a judge’s decision, it is especially dangerous to attempt it on your own.

Last month, the Superior Court decided the case of SS. v. T.J. (2019 Pa.Super. 182). In this matter, the trial court allowed a mother to relocate her children to South Carolina. The father later filed a petition to modify the custody order, and he was dissatisfied with the judge’s order denying his petition.
Father attempted to appeal the judge’s order to the Superior Court. Unfortunately, the Superior Court did not even reach the merits of his appeal because his appeal paperwork was not properly prepared. For this reason, the appellate court affirmed the order of the trial court without considering Father’s complaints due to errors Father made in his filing.

At LaMonaca Law, our Appellate Unit has vast experience in properly preparing appeals. Our team will work with you to review the findings of the trial court in order to determine the best course of action. If an appeal is determined to be the best course of action, we will effectively represent you throughout the entire process.

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